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Big Fish Eat Little Fish


This game is fun to play for free as a small child, children, adolescents or adults.The players will begin play as a cute little pink fish. Swimming escape bigger fish. Which include fish, yellow,Fish, green, brown fish and blue fish.But this pink fish can eat fish smaller than red, which was steadily to accumulate experience points.Until the full experience I grew up in a fish body size bigger. Which can be increased by eating fish, yellow from red edible fish.Eat smaller fish to accumulate points is to be able to eat fish, green, brown fish and blue fish in the end.Note the size of the fish are sorted from small fish to large fish. The color is similar to the rate of snooker balls arranged from smallest to score as many points as is the red, yellow balls.The green, the brown and blue balls respectively.Players will have several benefits, including. Practice patience while still a small fish. Need to maneuver away from the big fish.Known wait and wait for a chance to eat small fish. No need to hurry to eat small fish that swim near the fish.Know that safety first.And as a source of idioms proverb. "Big fish eat little fish" used the situation to the authorities who are less than persecution. The most widely used in business. This large organization There are a lot of funding and manpower. Bullying can take advantage enterprise or small to turbulent or bankruptcy, for example, big companies, small companies affected by lower prices below cost. His loss in the short term Because capital Small companies can not sell their products. Until finally shut down and so on.The business community too. "Big fish eat little fish" where a company has financed much advantage. Now a small company trying handshake. To strengthen Expand their business networks.If not, it is not. The big companies to swallowThis game is not too difficult When can score up to 6000, it will be the winner.We want everyone to be a winner. Let's play this game. Be happy don't worry.